Sanjeev Nanda tips on Photography

4 Jun

Photo Tips & Tricks:

Ordinary = Extraordinary

“Under construction” is usually code for “will not photograph well because of all the heavy machinery and equipment clutter”. But even when you think extra clutter will make a place less photogenic, it’s usually a matter of reorienting your vision to figure out how to use what’s actually there in front of you. The mesh behind the two figures was put up specifically to keep dust and debris away from visitors, but at the same it catches late afternoon light coming in through the windows perfectly. Even when things look unappealing to the naked eye, a slight change in composition and exposure can take something ordinary and turn it in to something extraordinary. Similarly, a discarded orange peel on a bus seat – how dull?
Sanjeev Nanda photography tips

Even orange peel can look beautiful

Extraordinary photography - Sanjeev Nanda

Turning ordinary to extraordinary

Reflect on reflections

I’m always thankful for any architect anywhere in the world that’s incorporated glass into a building. It immediately gives you twice the visuals to play with – 1) the real, and 2) the reflections. Look for how you can play tricks on the viewers’ eyes with those reflections. Look for patterns that blend reality and the artificial across the surface of the building. I’d say 90% of the time you can confuse the viewer – give them a moment where they’re not exactly sure what they’re looking at – your image is successful.
Sanjeev nanda photography tips

Superb Class reflections give depth

Sanjeev Nanda photography tips

Most beautiful pictures are work of imagination

Context can be overrated

A little decontextualization never hurt anyone. I think there’s often a tendency to want to put too much information into a photograph, to give it too much context. You have a chance to create an image that is more captivating, that viewers often have to sit with a little longer when you leave contextual elements out. It distills your images into more of a mood than a literal translation of a time and place – and that’s a good thing.
Sanjeev Nanda photography tips

Sometimes a photograph without a subject is more engaging

Sanjeev nanda photography tips

Beauty lies in the imagination

Anywhere but eye level

It usually never hurts to change your point of view. Look all the way up. Look all the way down. Crouch. Stand on something. Shoot from anywhere but your natural eye level, and more times than not you’ll create something more dynamic than pedestrian.
Sanjeev Nanda photography tips

Eye for detail is all you need

Sanjeev Nanda photography tips

Sometimes the most intriguing pictures are the most simple ones

It usually gives your images a sense of mystery if you expose highlights as mid-tones and mid-tones as shadows. Or vice versa, shadows as mid-tones, and mid-tones as highlights.
Sanjeev Nanda photography tips

Its your picture take it the way you want

Sanjeev Nanda photography tips

Even darkness can be beautiful

Patience and composition

If you see the outline of a photograph you want – sit and wait until all the compositional elements fall into place. Even if that takes an hour.
Sanjeev Nanda photography tips

Patience is virtue

Sanjeev Nanda photography tips

It's all about knowing what you want from your photograph

No photographer is as good as the simplest camera – Edward Steichen
All these photographs attached are copyright of Jeff Hutchens. I’m his biggest fan.

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  1. beachblogger June 6, 2010 at 1:04 pm #

    He is indeed a stunning photographer. Thanks for putting up the images

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